Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

What information do you collect?
Cookies. Like most shopping sites, BOLTS-N-MORE.COM, INC. uses cookies to reference temporary data, such as your shopping cart.  Cookies are short text files stored on your computer or device.  These files contain no personally identifiable information.

Personal information
BOLTS-N-MORE.COM, INC. records and stores your personal information when it is entered in the checkout or when you create an account.

E-mail communication
BOLTS-N-MORE.COM, INC. keeps a copy of emails sent to us as well as all comments submitted through our web contact form.

What is this information used for?
Order fulfillment

Personal information, such as your name and address, is used to fulfill your order.

Customer service
Your phone number or email address may be used to contact you regarding your order.  Your phone number will not be used for any other purpose. Additionally your email address, if provided, is used to send your order confirmation and tracking information.

Review sites
If you specifically request it, you will receive an email invite from a third party website to review BOLTS-N-MORE.COM, INC.  In this case, we provide the third party site with your name, email address and order number for the site to recognize you as a verified customer.

Required record keeping
Like all businesses, BOLTS-N-MORE.COM, INC. is required by law to maintain a copy of your order information for record keeping.

Site improvement
Site usage statistics, ordering trends and comments from users are used to improve the website as well as for planning new product lines.

Who can see my information?

BOLTS-N-MORE.COM, INC. can view your personal information (except your credit card data), order history, and any email communication.  This information is used only for fulfilling orders and providing customer service.

BOLTS-N-MORE.COM, INC. suppliers
On occasion, we do not have enough inventory on hand to fill an order.  In these cases we may send part or all of the order directly to you from a supplier. This is known as a “Drop Ship”.

The supplier is given only the information they need to fulfill your order – specifically, your name, shipping address and the items to be shipped.

Our suppliers may not use this data for any other purpose.

Review sites
If you specifically choose to receive an invitation to review BOLTS-N-MORE.COM, INC. after checkout, a third parties site  will be given your name, email address and order number.  This information will be used to verify that you have made a purchase from us.

These sites do not share this information with anyone else, and do not use the information for any other purpose (such as promotions).

Government (upon valid warrant or demand)

Upon receiving a valid warrant or demand from the government for information, BOLTS-N-MORE.COM, INC. will provide the minimum information necessary to comply with the request.